Returns and Refunds

At Shiploads we want all our customers to be happy with their purchase. If an item needs be returned this is what customers need to know.

All exchanges and refunds must be made through a Shiploads store. Exchanges and refunds can be made through any Shiploads store. This includes all Click and Collect purchases.

Customers have clear consumer rights under Australian law. Further details on consumer rights can be obtained from the ACCC website.


Customer Returns Policy

  • Keep it in the packet and keep your receipt.
  • Paid with plastic? That’s how we will refund you.
  • Paid with cash? We will refund you with cash.
  • If you are not happy with a product within a reasonable timeframe, then bring it back. As long as you have the receipt, we can work it out.
  • Importantly, we want you to return regularly because you trust our products.

Enquiries for returns, exchanges, replacement and refunds can be emailed to

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